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new lj [Monday
March 27th]
i have a new lj.
it's sweatermonkeys.
add me.
if you don't want to.
i don't care.
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pray for my great grandma [Saturday
March 25th]
she's about to die.
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karmen [Friday
March 24th]
i didn't mean it in a bad way.
i was just saying.
just so you know.
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duude... [Friday
March 24th]
i'm just wondering,
do people know the difference between when someone is being serious and when someone is joking.
because it seems to me that they don't.
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hahaha... [Tuesday
March 21st]
carl said orgy butt sex today.
it was the funniest thing i've ever heard

p.s. hope you feel better jessi
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today... [Monday
March 20th]
was interesting.
i love brown.
i love chewy jollyrancher things from zach.
school is boring.
lunch is gross.
i love el ray's chips.
yummy lemon.
practice was kinda boring.
didn't do too much.
drove home and practiced with my moms.
the end.
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happy birthday to you... [Sunday
March 19th]
Image hosting by Photobucket
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i love.... [Friday
March 17th]
shopping with my mother.
she's such a girl.
today was a good day.
hope everything is cool with everyone [and me] now.
eric sorry i couldn't come today.
i had to get on outfit for my aunt's wedding.
maybe sunday after church i can come over.
if i can.
happy st. patty's day all.
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folks.... [Friday
March 17th]
please stop hating.
lighten up folks.
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i'm sooooooooo funny...... [Thursday
March 16th]
i make beca laugh.
we pwn at life.
you'll love us because you have to.
and if you don't then that's your problem.
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my day as boring as it may be. [Wednesday
March 15th]
well let's see.
i woke up took a shower and tried to be on time for school.
i made it by a hair.
i hate japanese.
i seriously do.
i wish i could just drop it.
health is a waste of my time.
andrae is insane.
funniest kid ever.
german is boring.
i like chem when everson teaches.
not tou.
i can't understand him.
geometry another waste.
lunch was good.
had chicken salad.
spent time with brent.
world history is booooooring neyond belief.
english was okay.
i read a book.
soccer practice was a bitch!
coach gomez is insane.
he needs help.
but he's pretty cool.
beca is loud.

oh and btw it's mine and brent's 4 month.
please don't make a big deal out of it.
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the greatest girls in the world...... [Tuesday
March 14th]
...are beca and zach attack.

i pretty much love them with all my heart yupp.

zach is my sis who is great beyond belief and believes in me which will always make anyone feel good. gon' girl with cho balleria, artsy, crazy hair, dancing self.
i'm lame.

beca is the coolest chick ever. we laugh at dumb people and say what is on our minds and if you don't care what we say oh well. get over it. people take things too seriously.

love you both. don't ever change.
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grease is lame because..... [Monday
March 13th]
i'm not in it and everyone is.
just kidding.
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i can make my own checker french fries [Sunday
March 12th]
today was a great day.
even though i didn't make grease.
i'm not that upset about it.
the only, honest reason i tried out was so i could spend more time with zechariah.
i miss spending as much time as i use to with her.
i told my mom about it and she said people just grow apart, but i refuse for her and i to.

but besides that today was a great day.
woke up went on the net and chatted w/jessica and josh.
today was harry potter day.
so around 2 jessica pciked me up and we went to victoria's house.
i brought prisoner of azkaban and she brought goblet of fire.
we watched POA and went to go get taco bell and then came back.
chad came over then after POA to watch GOF.

we watched the movies but we also spoke with one another during them.
sometimes we had to pause the movie because we were talking so much.
chad feel better.

i felt strange because i realized i was a sophomore and they're seniors.
they were talking about their senior problems and drama and i was wanting to watch the movie.
it was funny though to listen to them.

well that's all.
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yes yes i know [Saturday
March 11th]
yes yes i know.
i've decided to come "back" to lj.
i was kinda pissed because me iMosh icon is gone.
don't worry i'll find a better one soon.

so i love zach.
she's great.
i really
REALLY miss talking to her as much as i use to.
i missed her in germany like crazy and and her letter that she wrote me for everyday helped me get through missing home so much.
yeah so i thought i'd say that about my sis.

another discovery i made in germany,
jessica and victoria are the coolest chicks on this side of the earth.
they're so fun and are extra silly.

i miss hanging out as much as i use to.
i don't hang out with any of my friends anymore.
that needs to change.

i need to hang out with beca, because we never do because she lives on the south side.
we will.
mark my words.
oh and beca's coming to matchbook romance because she lvoes me.

just so you know.
ima kill you in pool.

so there was a
BIG misunderstanding with the whole grease deal.
i'm glad it's over with.
i'm happy i tried out.
i just wanted to experience it.
even if i dont make it (which i probably won't) i'm still happy that i tried out.
zach said i did good w/dancing and acting.
but i know that i'm not the best singer.

well that's enough for now.
be happy that i'm back.
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May 27th]
[ mood | crazy ]

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May 27th]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Okay people so I've decided to make my LJ Friends Only so if you wanna be saved as a friend just comment be and tell me so.

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